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0.24X telecentric lens0.24X telecentric lens

Telecentric lenses are ideal for in-line and off-line machine vision production applications that require precise measurements. The lens combines high-quality optics, a simplified non-focusing mechanical design, and an adjustable iris with a set screw. Telecentric lenses are suitable for metrology and measurement applications, have optional built-in illumination, and are widely used. Each lens is equipped with a standard front filter thread for attachment of color filters, polarizers, protective windows and lighting adapters for LED or fiber optic lights.

No.projectDesign Parameters
3Working distance(mm)350mm
4Total length of lens optics300mm
5CCD size1.1 inches
6like square F/#F6.5-F22
7Field of view43.18mmx59.8mm
10Telecentricity (°)0.01
11relative illuminance97%
12Operating temperature-40℃~50℃
13camera interfacePort C

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