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0.45x liquid telecentric lens

0.45x liquid telecentric lens

Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses combine the functionality of a telecentric lens with the flexibility of a liquid lens. These lenses combine the unique features of a telecentric lens, which eliminates parallax (or perspective) errors, with a liquid lens that allows electronic control of focus. This combination provides fast working distance adjustments while maintaining telecentricity, distortion and image performance throughout the working distance range. Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses are ideal for surveying, measuring and placement applications that require fast depth of field adjustments. When a liquid lens is used in a telecentric lens, its curvature changes. As its curvature changes, the angle of light rays at the rear of the lens (which strikes the image sensor) will change slightly. As a result, there is a small field of view change over the working distance range as the liquid lens refocuses the lens. However, the front (object space) ray angle is not affected by the changing curvature of the liquid lens, allowing the telecentric lens to remain telecentric throughout the working distance range.

Liquid telecentric lens 1024x834 1 - 0.45x liquid telecentric lens
畸变 0.45x液态远心 1024x717 - 0.45x liquid telecentric lens
外形图 0.45x液态远心 1024x496 - 0.45x liquid telecentric lens
MTF 0.45X液态远心 1024x680 - 0.45x liquid telecentric lens
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