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200mm Tube Lens

These infinity-corrected tube lenses are designed for use with infinity-corrected objectives from all major manufacturers, including the dry, oil immersion, and physiology microscope objectives sold by Thorlabs. Designed for high-resolution imaging, biomedical, machine vision, and laser scanning applications, these lenses can be aligned in pairs to create relays, combined with objectives to create different effective magnification ratios at a scientific camera, used as drop-in replacements for tube lenses in existing systems, or integrated into DIY Cerna® Microscopes and other home-built microscopy setups to generate high-quality images.

1Maximum sensor sizeφ20mm
2focal length200mm
3Tube mirror interfaceM38x0.5
4design wavelength435~1700nm
5Coating wavelength400-700nm/700-1000nm/1000-1700nm
6Lens size (width x length)38mm×29mm
7pupil diameter20mm
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