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2024 Global Summit on Optical Engineering and Photonics

Event Synopsis:

We’re excited to unveil the upcoming Global Summit on Optical Engineering and Photonics 2024, set to occur on March 25-26, 2024, in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This event marks the third installment of our annual gathering, continuing the tradition of in-person collaboration and discovery.

The summit stands at the forefront of the optical sciences, serving as a nexus for thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in fields ranging from optical engineering to nanotechnology, quantum sciences, organic photonics, and beyond. Our mission for the 2024 summit is to foster a collaborative environment that encourages high-caliber research and tangible advancements. We aim to assemble a diverse group of esteemed researchers and industry leaders to engage in dialogue about cutting-edge progress and breakthroughs in optics, photonics, and laser technology.

The summit’s agenda is rich with opportunities for knowledge exchange, including keynote speeches, interactive sessions, and poster presentations. We also offer specialized workshops, educational tutorials, and a showcase of the latest commercial innovations. Complementing the academic and professional offerings, attendees will enjoy a variety of social and cultural activities designed to cultivate connections within the global community.

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2024 Global Summit on Optical Engineering and Photonics
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