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0.45x liquid telecentric lens

0.45x liquid telecentric lens Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses combine the functionality of a telecentric lens with the flexibility of a liquid lens. These lenses combine the unique features of a telecentric lens, which eliminates parallax (or perspective) errors, with a liquid lens that allows electronic control of focus. This combination provides fast working distance adjustments while maintaining …

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0.24X telecentric lens

0.24X telecentric lens Telecentric lenses are ideal for in-line and off-line machine vision production applications that require precise measurements. The lens combines high-quality optics, a simplified non-focusing mechanical design, and an adjustable iris with a set screw. Telecentric lenses are suitable for metrology and measurement applications, have optional built-in illumination, and are widely used. Each lens is equipped …

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High Resolution Solar Blind UV Lens

High Resolution Solar Blind UV Lens Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which covers the electromagnetic spectrum from 400 to 10 nm, can be divided into four subdivisions: UVA (320–400 nm), UVB (280–320 nm), UVC (200–280 nm), and VUV (vacuum UV, 10–200 nm). The sun is the primary source of UV light, and UVC light it typically absorbed by the ozonosphere when it …

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200mm Tube Lens

200mm Tube Lens These infinity-corrected tube lenses are designed for use with infinity-corrected objectives from all major manufacturers, including the dry, oil immersion, and physiology microscope objectives sold by Thorlabs. Designed for high-resolution imaging, biomedical, machine vision, and laser scanning applications, these lenses can be aligned in pairs to create relays, combined with objectives to create different effective magnification …

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THZ lens

THZ lens For THz beam guiding between the emitter and detector we offer hyperhemispherical and elliptic silicon lenses and aspheric TPX lenses with different diameter and focal length. Edit No. Project Specification 1 sonsor 82mm 2 Focal length 193mm 3 Interface M93x0.75 4 Aperture 3 5 Focus range 2M-infinity 6 Field of view 24° 7 …

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200mm Telephoto Lens

200mm Telephoto Lens Why You Need a 200mm Telephoto Lens? A telephoto lens is a lens that has a long focal length, which allows you to capture distant subjects with more detail and clarity. A 200mm telephoto lens is a popular choice for many photographers, especially those who shoot sports, wildlife, portraits, and events. In …

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