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The CLEO Hub: A Nexus of Innovation in Photonics

Join the vibrant nexus of photonics innovation at The CLEO Hub, the premier destination for researchers, industry experts, and enthusiasts. From Tuesday, May 7th to Thursday, May 9th, immerse yourself in an environment where cutting-edge products, dynamic programs, and networking converge to spark progress and collaboration.

Dynamic Exhibition Space More than 80 leading companies will showcase their latest advancements, providing a comprehensive view of the tools and technologies driving photonics research forward. The CLEO Hub is more than an exhibition; it’s a live, pulsating center of scientific exchange and discovery.

Plenary Sessions and Market Insights The dedicated CLEO Hub Theater will host two pivotal Plenary Sessions, alongside the Market Focus program, offering insights into the latest market trends and emerging technologies. Engage with thought leaders and explore the potential of new photonics applications.

The CLEO Hub — The Exhibition Reimagined
The CLEO Hub — The Exhibition Reimagined

Networking and Collaboration Amidst the bustling schedule, the CLEO Hub facilitates invaluable networking opportunities. Connect with peers over coffee breaks designed to foster lively scientific discussions and build lasting professional relationships.

Market Focus: Looking Ahead Delve into the future of photonics with Market Focus, a program dedicated to examining the latest industry trends. Discover new products, discuss innovative technologies, and gain a perspective on market trajectories that could shape future business ventures.

In addition to the scheduled events, attendees can look forward to a special segment on Space Optics, highlighting the intersection of photonics and space exploration. Learn about the role of optics in groundbreaking missions and the technological marvels that enable us to reach beyond our planet.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of photonics innovation at The CLEO Hub.

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